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Welcome to the digital edition of ¡Viva Puerto!, a magazine published in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Like Puerto Escondido, ¡Viva Puerto! is a work-in-progress, reflecting the interests and concerns of residents and visitors alike - whether it be real estate development, eco-adventures, local communities, or art and poetry.

On another level, the magazine aspires to be a forum in which both Mexicans and members of the international community will be able to share their insights and expertise on everything Puerto. I moved to Puerto in 2005 and bought property and built a house two years later. Fate and Puerto have been kind to me, but realistically Puerto is not Paradise. (In the real Paradise, I am told, the Internet is fast and dependable, and it isn’t hot as hell half the year.)

¡Viva Puerto! is published three times a year: November, January and March, with a print run of 3,000 copies. Submissions are welcomed; all articles must relate to Puerto Escondido or the Oaxaca coast. Contact us to learn about our ad rates. Besides the magazine, we also publish an advertising supplement eight times a year that features live music in Puerto.

Barbara Joan Schaffer
Editor and publisher


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