Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

Last year I was awed by the engineering feat of balancing ledges on steep mountain sides: the geologic analyses, the calculations, the imported machinery, everything needed to prevent landslides from above and washouts below. In Junior High English class, this was called “man against nature.” The other two themes were “man against man,” and “man against himself.” (The protagonists in our texts were always men.)

This year the theme of the super highway is “man against man.” The Federal and State governments and ICA are keen to complete the project in 2015; the people of the mountains, however, seem to have all the time in the world. Their roadblocks have become the norm. In the end, dealing with the social dynamics of the region may be as daunting a task as the building of bridges and tunnels.

This is the last issue of ¡Viva Puerto! until next November. I want to thank all the contributors for their outstanding work and the advertisers who keep this magazine alive.

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