Ignacia Ramírez Aragón and her daughter
Ignacia Ramírez Aragón and her daughter

Puerto's Founders Remembered

by Gretell de Gala. Photos: Ernesto J. Torres, Casa 12

The founders of modern Puerto Escondido were remembered this year with a Day of the Dead celebration on November 3 at the old, El Bosque cemetery on the hill near the light house.

The pantheon, on 6a Sur and 2a Poniente, was founded in 1931 on land donated by doña Paullina Lomelí, to accommodate the growing community which had by then reached 203 inhabitants. The oldest graves date back to 1932. Although the cemetery is public, its gates are kept locked. If you wish to visit the cemetery, which includes a small museum of Puerto’s history, you can contact Lucrecia Peña Burón of the Pro Mejoras committee at (954) 199-9544.

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