Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

If you have never been to a local fiesta, you have not experienced Puerto Escondido and its neighboring communities. And if you have only been to one or two, you don’t know how different each fiesta is. These fiestas are for and by the communities; they are not tourist events promoted by the State tourism department (STyDE) like Puerto’s Fiestas de Noviembre. And if you think one brass band is just like another, you should have been in colonia Lázaro Cárdenas where one band of older musicians brought in from Santa Martha Loxicha alternated with a band of teenagers from San Francisco Coatlán while the gigantic figures known as monos de calenda danced.

Speaking of dancing, no fiesta is complete without women of all ages dancing with enormous and very heavy baskets of flowers balanced on their heads, or in the case of Barra of Navidad, replicas of a castillo firework tower, a turkey, and a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer made out of peanuts. The cover art features five canasteras and one mono.

This is the last issue until November. As always, we are grateful to our advertisers without whose support there would be no magazine.

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