Motocross: The Puerto Escondido Cup

Photos: Ernesto J. Torres & Barbara Joan Schaffer

In August, the Mexican National Motocross (Nacional de Motocross MX) held its first championship competition in Puerto Escondido. There were two days of open, veteran and professional motorcycle races and categories, including children from 4 to 8 on 50cc pony bikes and kids of 8 to 10 on 65cc bikes. But the main event was the MX2 when professional racers on 250cc bikes competed for the Puerto Escondido Cup.

Raúl Ramos Mata & Howard Ramos<br />Photo: Barbara Joan Schaffer
Raúl Ramos Mata & Howard Ramos
Photo: Barbara Joan Schaffer

The race track, Motopark Puerto Escondido, located in Cerro de la Vieja, Bajos de Chila, was developed by Marco Bruciaga Fragoso. The next event will be in November (see calendar).

Raul Ramos Mata is a veteran of many races, and now his two sons also race. Ten-year-old León competed on a 65 cc bike with children from 8 to 10. Howard, who is seven, raced on a 50 cc pony.

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