Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

This year’s Fiestas de Noviembre promises to be the best ever. It opens with J Balvin performing in Carrizalillo and includes the Festival Costeño de la Danza, fishing and surfing tournaments, and a gastronomic show. See the events calendar.

More good news: Puerto now has 4G cell service and TelCel’s Internet en casa. This means you can now have high speed — at least 10 Mbps — Internet without having a telephone line. And Puerto now has direct flights to Guadalajara (Volaris) and Querétaro (TAR). TAR also has direct flights from Huatulco to Oaxaca.

As to progress on the super highway to Oaxaca, don’t ask. When construction starts again, we will be there, taking photos. We only publish ¡Viva Puerto! three times a year: November, January and March, but you can read all the back issues right here.

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