Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

The challenge of publishing a magazine in Puerto, after having lived here for almost 14 years, isn’t only keeping abreast of all the changes but also imagining what you, the readers, already know about the place. This may be your first visit, or you may have lived here all of your life.

From the beginning, ¡Viva Puerto! was not meant to be just a tourist magazine, although, of course, it is that too. But, its true vocation is to research and document the town’s history and growth. In the first issue, December, 2010, there was an article about Bacocho. The neighborhood and my knowledge have grown a lot since then. (See here)

A chance meeting with a tourist at the Beach Hotel Ines was the inspiration for the Fun for Kids in Puerto article. Hatem Saleh planned to bring his 7-year-old son to Puerto and wanted information on activities for children.

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