The Museum of the Nile River, El Azufre, Tututepec

Photos: Barbara Joan Schaffer

Yucu Saa Museum

You drive for around twho hours from Puerto Escondido on Highway 200 going towards Acapulco to San José del Progreso, Tututepec. Then you see a sign pointing you to El Azufre. You turn left and continue on a dirt road that passes through banana and palm plantations. Finally, you see a sign saying Chacahua, but you keep going straight until you are in the village of El Azufre. Then you turn right and you are on the delta of the Río Verde. Across the street from the river is the Museum of the Nile River (el Museo del Río Nilo). You can’t miss it.

Guadencio Leonilo Justo González is the museum’s curator and an herbalist. Everything you see, including the sneakers outside the door, he has salvaged from the river. Driftwood magically becomes monkeys, birds, a hippopotamus, a kangaroo. He puts the pieces together so a dog can nurse her pups.

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