Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

It’s been a hard year everywhere, but I think we have had an easier time of it in Puerto. Not to say that people haven’t gotten sick and there haven’t been covid deaths here, but we adjusted, learned to wear masks or face fines or even jail time (since October in San Pedro Mixtepec and November in Colotepec), and spent a lot of time with Netflix. There was a beer shortage in May, but then the breweries became essential businesses. Now people are both looking forward to winter tourists and also fearing what an influx might bring.

Amazingly, few businesses closed, and a lot of new ones have opened. The Punta is booming. The beaches in Colotepec were closed for a few weeks in October (see p 25) but they reopened on October 30 in time for the Day of the Dead tourism. What things will be like in December is anyone’s guess.

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