Las Negras.

Urban Art on the Highway

By Sarah Poppel. Photos: Ernesto J. Torres

WHO HAS NOT NOTICED THE NEW PUBLIC ART ON THE Coastal Highway? Just above the entrance to Zicatela, a grey restraining wall has been converted into a giant canvas for an airsprayed mural. The project was begun by a group of young, local artists and then expanded upon by Gerardo Villavicencio Martínez.

Photo by Ernesto J. Torres.
Photo by Ernesto J. Torres.

The mural pays homage to the local surf and fishing culture, while also invoking the responsibility that we all have as residents and visitors to preserve our natural resources.

Further down the highway, in front of the Zicatela market (Mercado 12 de Diciembre), is the new statue of a surfer catching a wave. This work by the Oaxacan sculptor Antonio Casas is a tribute not only to the surf community but also features local fish and other marine life.

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