Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

What with Covid and so much not happening, it seems like a good time to dip into the archives. After all, you never know when there will be another tsunami, so best to be prepared. And there were big swells this summer, but nothing compared to May of 2015.

Of course, we continue with our relentless reporting on the highway to Oaxaca which is slated for completion in March, 2022. Note that it has already missed the original 2010 completion date. In its latest iteration it includes a trench for an underground fiber optic cable that should greatly improve Internet speed and reliability in Puerto. Meanwhile we continue to suffer intermittent shutdowns, sometimes just for minutes, other times for hours.

As of press time, October 15, all the beaches in Puerto are open. In August, the Bahía Principal, Zicatela and the Punta were closed because of Covid. There was also a curfew in the San Pedro Mixtepec side of town. Masks are optional on the San Pedro side of town as of October 16.

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