Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

Back in the day, just a few years ago, winter was the high season for tourism in Puerto. It was understood that hotel and restaurant prices would go up and there would be a lot more traffic. Some full time residents, myself included, liked the winter for its cooler weather and activities, but we also looked forward to the March exodus of the snowbirds, and to a more tranquil life style.

Then along came Covid, and Mexico and Puerto Escondido really cashed in. Mexico was and is the only tourist destination that has no travel restrictions. You don’t even need a Covid test to fly in. Getting out can be more complicated. If that meant extending your tourist visa (FMM), no problem. Multiple 180-day visa extensions were given at local immigration offices. Now the practice is to give temporary residency permits.

So goodbye low season in Puerto. The question is how long the boom will continue, once other countries open their borders. I know people here who can’t wait to get back to Thailand or just continue their travels through the Americas.

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