Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

All Covid restrictions on the Coast have been lifted, and now we can enjoy again the Fiestas of November, Carnival, and the Valentine’s Day fireworks in Chila and other local events and fiestas. Actually except for a few months in 2020, Puerto Escondido never closed down, and a number of new shops and restaurants have opened, especially in the Punta neighborhood and on the Rinconada. Many rentals and co-work spaces now have fast Starlink satellite Internet which has made Puerto even more attractive to digital nomads.

Work continues on the highway to Oaxaca, but it’s impossible to predict when it will be completed. (See "The Highway to Oaxaca Progresses")

RIP Jurgen Peter Voss

Don Pedro, who founded the Hotel Ines on Zicatela in 1989, passed away in his sleep in July, a few weeks shy of his 80th birthday. But his spirit lives on in the cosmopolitan atmosphere he helped nurture in our town, including his famous filet mignon. He was a friend to many, myself included.

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