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Nora Liz Bieletto
Nora Liz Bieletto

We know that Puerto has world-class waves, turns out we may also have world-class massage therapists, if reports from international travellers are to be believed. A 60-something lady from Ireland says Estela made her feel better than any of the Dublin masseuses she sees, while her daughter swears by Aaron. Don’t even think of getting an appointment with Nora, the most popular Puerto masseuse, during high season; people book their sessions with her months in advance.


Fortunately, there is no shortage of highly skilled practitioners, and visitors can experiment with a variety of techniques. If you like deep massages, Nora and Rufina are the people to see. At a recent session with Rufina I felt like my back was being pushed through my rib cage, nonetheless I fell asleep. If you prefer a softer more relaxing touch, check out the masseurs and masseuses at Temazcalli. A massage there with Aaron includes acupressure, and he also offers acupuncture as well as other therapies. Another advocate of the relaxing, softhanded technique is Rosa María of the Flor de Jamaica Spa and the Hotel Ines. Polish-Canadian Beata Jesionowski falls somewhere in between.

Hotel Inés
Hotel Inés

Massage therapists do not only have their hands full with tourists and snowbirds, as they also treat surfers, who like any other athletes, suffer from sports-related injuries. Local people also come seeking relief from stress. If I’ve learned one thing from researching this article, it is that I need to get more massages and there are many practitioners to try out.

Massage Directory

Aaron Nofrietta Fernández
Naturopathic therapist.
Massage, acupuncture, reflexology
Centro Naturalista Yin Yang,
Av. Infraganti c/ Temazcalli
(954) 130 53 41

Beata Jesionowsky
European Massage
(954) 101 12 84

Hotel Inés
Massage, Facials, Body Treatment, Manicure
c/ Morro, Zicatela
(954) 582 04 16 / 07 92

TEMAZCALLI - SPAcio meditativo
Massage, Beauty Treatments, Temazcal
Av Infraganti c/ Temazcalli
(954) 582 1023, (954) 544 3086

Claudia Zamorra
Massage, therapeutic beautician
Hotel Inés. (954) 125 76 91

Lucano Hinkle
Creative Massage, home calls only
creativemassagetherapy@gmail.com (954) 108 01 11

Nora Liz Bieletto
Therapeutic Massage
c/ Morro, Zicatela noroticaok@yahoo.com
(954) 582 35 73, (954) 588 28 33

Rosa María Rodríguez
Spa FLOR DE JAMAICA across from the new cathedral, & HOTEL INES
(954) 127 18 96

Masaje Zapoteco, Therapeutic Massage
c/ Morro, Zicatela, behind OXXO (954) 588 48 04


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