Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

Keeping it real in paradise, pretty well describes this issue. Many foreigners come here to spend their golden years, and then they die. So there’s an article on preparing for the inevitable.

Puerto’s sewage problems were almost too real to print in a tourist town, but now that the new sewage treatment plant for Zicatela is in operation, the theme is on the table and discussed here. The plans for a port in Punta Colorada also demanded closer attention. Like many other people I know, I signed the on-line petition opposing it without knowing the pros and the cons. Let’s just say I regret my decision and will be more careful about what I sign in the future. There’s a difference between being a knee-jerk environmentalist and putting the interest of body boarders above fishermen and tour boat operators. Of course, I might be wrong. We won’t know anytime soon, however, since construction seems years away.

The cover photo is of the beach in Chila as seen from Punta Colorada. I wonder what the view will be in five or ten years.

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