Rinconada Library

New Library

Photos: Ernesto J. Torres

CECILIA MCQUINN IS A WOMAN WITH A MISSION TO promote literacy and multilingualism. When the library which had been on Rinconada for over 20 years closed last year, she decided to open a new, free library that focused on books in both Spanish and English and that included books for children and young adults. Sheila Clark donated over 5,000 books in English from the old library, but Ceci is now seeking donations of books in Spanish. You can contact her at ceci@ourlanguagehouse.com For more info go to www.ourlanguagehouse.com/our-libraryproject

The library is on the corner of 2a Sur and 2a Pte. Hours are Mondays 9-12 and 4-7, Wednesdays 4-7.

Carolyn Bridal and Ceci McQuinn

Carolyn Bridal and Ceci McQuinn

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