Barbara Schaffer
Barbara Schaffer

Publishing a bilingual magazine that will appeal to both long-time residents of Puerto Escondido and to tourists can be quite a challenge, but that is the goal of this magazine. I’ve only lived in Puerto and in Mexico a little over six years; so everything is still new to me. If nothing else, I hope to share my enthusiasm for all things Puerto.

Last year I truly believed that the toll road connecting Puerto to Oaxaca would be completed in 2012. Now I have to report that construction of the 104 km highway is just beginning. According to a spokesman for the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Omega, the company that has the concession, is dipping into its own pocket while it waits to get the financing to get on with the job. With the global economy being as it is, that may take some time.

Puerto Escondido Airport
Puerto Escondido Airport

The airport however is alive and well. A building for the airport administration is now going up next to the control tower. Work is also being done to seal cracks on the runway to make for smoother take offs and landings, and the helipad has just been paved. There are no plans for commercial helicopter service, however the governor often visits by helicopter. Unfortunately, there are still no daily flights to Mexico City, but Aeromar and VivaAerobus provide service to the capital several times a week, and Aerotucan flies daily to Oaxaca. Airport administrator, captain Oscar Humberto Luja Olivares says the runway is too short to handle direct flights outside of Mexico, so there will be no Canadian charter flights as there are to Huatulco.

¡Viva Puerto! will continue its policy of only publishing in the high season. The next edition will be published in January, followed by a March issue. As always, this magazine welcomes contributors. Welcome is the wrong word; I actively pursue contributors. So don’t be shy, contact me if you have a story idea.

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