Event Calendar

November is the month that Puerto Escondido kicks off the high season with a series of events, most notably the Coast Festival of Dance, three nights of performances by the best traditional dance groups of the region (see article on the chilena), the Sport Fishing competition, and the International Surfing Tournament. For more information, see Gina at the Information Booth at the north end of the Adoquín.

Note that the Day of the Mexican Revolution is November 20th, but it is celebrated this year on November 21 to make a 3-day weekend. The shrine to the Virgin of Juquila is close enough to Puerto so that many pilgrims go on to enjoy a few days here. Hence the cars and buses festooned with wreaths from Juquila.

Cinemar on Zicatela will be hosting the Oaxaca International Film and Video Festival in November (see below). Check at Cinemar for the schedule, some of the !lms are in English with Spanish subtitles, but the majority are Spanish only.

1 Nov (Tue.)
All Saints Day

2 Nov* (Wed.)
Day of the Dead
Agencia Municipal. Traditionally decorated altars.

12 - 13 Nov (Sat.- Sun.)
10 a.m. Camino Puerto Angelito

14 - 18 Nov (Mon. - Fri.)
Oaxaca International Film and Video Festival
4 p.m., 7 p.m., 9 p.m. Cinemar

18 - 20 Nov (Fri. - Sun.)
International Surfing Tournament
7 a.m. Playa Zicatela

18 - 20 Nov (Fri. - Sun.)
Coast Festival of Dance
7 p.m. Agencia Municipal

21 Nov* (Mon.)
Day of the Mexican Revolution

25 - 27 Nov (Fri. - Sun.)
Sport Fishing tournament
7 a.m. Playa Principal

26 Nov (Sat.)
Sport Fishing tournament Fiesta
With live music from Son Latino. 2 p.m. Embarcadero

8 Dec (Thu.)
Fiesta of Our Lady of Juquila

12 Dec* (Mon.)
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe

24 Dec* (Sat.)
Noche Buena (Christmas Eve)

25 Dec* (Sun.)
Navidad (Christmas)

* National holidays

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